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SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in having an online marketing advantage. It is one of the most important aspects of online presence and branding for any business or organization.

Having a well-run SEO strategy for your business can…

  • Save you money—SEO is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising, even more so than buying paid advertising, and has a higher return on investment over time. SEO provides a good ROI because it is an inbound marketing strategy. Marketing to people while they are looking for the products and services your business provides. While social media may be good for your image, SEO is the foundation of online presence.
  • Increase visibility and branding—The higher your business or organization ranks in a search engine results page, the larger the impression it leaves. Having your website in one of these top ranking positions can equal more exposure for your business.
  • Bring you more traffic—Holding a spot in the top ranking results can bring significantly more traffic to your website. More exposure builds confidence in a consumer, and ultimately may sway them to choose your business over another. SEO can also focus on creating keywords and relevant title tags that will show up in the results page, again, resulting in an increase of qualified web traffic to your site.
  • Add credibility— Apart from associating keywords with your business, being on the first page can instill trust among users. Companies on the first page are usually perceived as being “better” or more “trustworthy”. The more your page ranks in high positions among search engines, you increase the chances to build a lasting impression of your brand among users.
  • Provide insights into your customers —SEO strategies allow for things to be fully measurable through the use of analytics. Data and metrics are valuable because it allows you to see how your customers are searching, browsing, the language and technology they use, the region they live in, and even the days and times they are most active. This information can help you as the business owner to make well informed decisions for your business and its online and offline strategies.

Not all SEO providers are created equal.

How do you choose the right one?

Look for a provider that uses White Hat SEO techniques, also known as ethical SEO. This refers to the SEO strategies that strive to build a quality website over a longer period of time by focusing on the audience of that particular site. White hat SEO techniques include

  • Creating unique high-quality website content.
  • Providing links to other relevant content on the site.
  • Most importantly, White hat SEO tactics follow all search engine rules and policies.

Given the abundance of SEO companies available, the search can seem daunting… can help. Browse SEO client lists, read reviews, and learn about the companies available to give your business the SEO strategy it needs.


Brick Marketing
101 Federal St Ste 1900
Boston, MA 0211

It may be difficult for you to reach this company as it was for me, but I discovered the best heart surgeon, just like the best SEO company just can't do it all. You really have to be patient and if you are in ... Read More

Written by: Edward W. 3/2/2015

Boston Web Marketing
108 Union Wharf
Boston, MA 02109 at Commercial St North End

I have worked with a number of these seo companies over the years. Honestly none of them are perfect but as a business owner i have unreal expectations of my vendors. BWM has consistently made right decisions a... Read More

Written by: Nehal S.

Gold Promotion
265 Franklin St Suite 1702,
Boston, MA 02110

By far the most reliable SEO vendor I have ever worked with. When Ryan says he's going to do something, he's going to do it! Its such a relief to work with Gold Promotion after churning through dozens of web ma... Read More

Written by: Eric A

Boston Web Marketing
108 Union Wharf Boston, MA 02109
at Commercial St North End

I appreciate Boston Web Marketing for what they have did for my father's website. He hardly had any search presence on the web, and they handled all of his social media, news articles, and seo keywords. Great w... Read More

Written by: Johnathan K

Platinum Boston Seo Services
200 Berkeley St
Boston, MA 02116

I recently started working with Paul At Platinum Seo after a good friend recommended I contact him as he was very happy with his services. I own a local plumbing business and i was getting like no calls via my ... Read More

Written by: Matthew Woodley

PRR Digital
70 Bryon Rd #3, Chestnut Hill
MA 02467

Peter is awesome. If you ever need someone that will have your back, PRR Digital is the company. We've worked together on a few projects and they have always done a great job. They are highly recommended.... Read More

Written by: Michelle Penny

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